♥Vlog | What life is about..Happiness, freedom, friends&good VEGAN food♥

Words can’t explain how grateful I am for days like this.
For friends like this.
For all of you making a change in this world by
radiating them good vibes, love and positivity ♥

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Short introduction:
Hi my name is Geke, 21 years young and living in The Netherlands!
Like all of you I’m an human being, wandering around on this
planet trying to make the best of this life experience.
Slowly, but surely I’m breaking free from my destructive unconscious mind and with that finding my true self.
I practice yoga daily, love photography, love nature, love animals.. oh and I love my boyfriend!

My camera:
Canon G7x Mark II
Nikon D5600

Editing software:
Adobe premiere pro CS6

Petit Biscuit – Sunset lover

Are you considering going vegan and stop the contribution to all the harm caused to our planet and all those amazing animals?
The question is not why, but how!


Amazing speech!!

101 reasons to go vegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HJc…

Earthlings(I turned vegan after watching this one):

Forks over knives:

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