V6 Gluten Free Vegan Diet Daily Drinks 2

This video is part of a series of “Gluten Free Vegan Diet” which in intended for newbie gluten free vegans and seasoned gluten free vegans. This video is part 2 of “Daily Drinks”. This video shows you the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of proper liquids daily and shows you how you can accomplish this without even thinking about it.

Please view my other videos (“Setting yourself up 4 Success 1 & 2”) where will learn how to evaluate your own glassware to know exactly how much liquid your glassware holds so you can successfully consume daily eight glasses of water without thinking about it.

Also, “The Gluten Free Diet Overview 1 & 2” is a wonderful insight to the foods/snacks/meals within the diet and new life-style regimen. This diet also focuses on “Quick Fix” meals that take 1-5 minutes to create. There are NO menus to follow. All meal/snack choices are put in a pool for you to choose from daily according to your liking. Please contact you doctor before starting this or any diet and read our disclaimer. Please read all food ingredients of all food before purchasing and/or eating, especially if you have food allergies.

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