Vegan Food in Athens/Greece -What we Ate

Welcome to our channel! This is a video about what we eat when we visit Greece. We are both vegan so all the food in this video is vegan and this is to help anyone who is visiting or living in Greece and wanting to find ideas for eating vegan there 🙂

We included the names of the meals in Greek text, as well as Greeklish to help you to pronounce the names. As we said, eating vegan in Greece is really not a problem and hopefully this will help you.

Edit: L’Artigianno will only have plant based cheese on their pizza menu around Easter time for the fasting season. So it might not be available for the other times in the year. Currently it’s not on the menu so we will update you if anything changes with that.

Thank you for watching, please share with anyone who is interested and let us know in the comments if you have more suggestions or questions at all…

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